Safe Use Of Chemicals

Under COSHH regulations, employers have an obligation to ensure that their employees follow good practice in the safe handling of the cleaning chemicals they use in the workplace. Our popular ‘Safe use of chemicals’ workshop is designed to ensure that by the end of the workshop, all your employees have a good understanding of the importance of COSHH and the safe handling of chemicals they use at work.

Workshop summary

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Workshop presentation

In the workshop, your employees will receive:

  • A one hour interactive presentation.
  • Summary course booklet, available in a range of native languages.
  • A COSHH self-assessment quiz.
  • Attendance certificate.

Workshop booklets

The native language booklets are currently available in: English, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Punjabi, and Hindi. Further language versions are added constantly and Thai and mandarin Chinese are currently in preparation.

Quiz and attendance certificates

There is a self assessment quiz available for people who participate in the workshop, in order to examine their understanding of COSHH, and upon completion of the workshop, they will be awarded an attendance certificate.

Workshop content

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In an informal workshop setting held on your premises, through a specific focus on the safe use and handling of chemicals in the workplace, we raise your employees awareness of their specific responsibilities under COSHH and how they can help ensure that you, as the employer, remain COSHH compliant. Emphasis is placed on the correct procedures to follow, should an accident occur, and the course will also outline how employees can keep themselves safe by exercising some simple rules.

We recognise that many workshop participants will be non-native English speakers. Accordingly, the workshop is presented in a relaxed manner, using everyday language, based on a slide presentation, making extensive use of cartoon imagery to promote understanding. The active participation of the course attendees is encouraged to help with learning retention.

The course will be customised to reflect the specific cleaning chemical products and cleaning methods used in your workplace, in order to make the course fully relevant for your staff.

Our workshop trainer will base the key course messages on an interactive presentation, covering:

  • Why the safe handling of chemicals is important.
  • What is COSHH.
  • The meaning of Hazchem symbols.
  • Simple rules for keeping safe in the workplace.
  • What to do in the event of an accident.
  • The 10 golden rules for the safe use of chemicals.

Workshop preparation

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In a short meeting, held roughly a week before the course, we will discuss the workshop content with you or your team leaders as appropriate, and decide if there are any particular aspects on which you would like our workshop leader to concentrate.

In certain circumstances, we will also invite a manufacturer’s representative to give further training specifically on their products, as this relates to their safe use.

To run a workshop, we require a suitable room with presentation screen or audio visual facilities (or a large wall, we can project onto in the absence of these). We can supply a laptop and projector, if required.