Contract Cleaners and FM

At Cherwell, we don’t only supply a broad set of cleaning, hygiene and catering products, but also bring value to our customer’s organisation based on a deep understanding of the requirements of their sector.

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Facilities managers

More and more organisations have come to recognise that well managed supporting services, such as cleaning, security and HVAC maintenance, are vital in allowing an organisation to get on with its core business.

Without question, facilities managers are integral to the success of their client organisations and must be increasingly concerned with a wider range of issues, such as delivering quality services at an acceptable cost, environmental management, smart use of technology and workplace wellbeing.

The exact facilities management solution required by a client organisation will vary. It is, therefore, important that we shape our service to the precise needs of the facilities manager, as they relate to their client.

This adaptation can be at a strategic level, for example, in the quick and easily accessed supply of key product usage information, which will help the facilities manager to monitor and improve their own service provision. Equally, it can be at an operational level, say by providing on-site support and assistance, such as product training or a proposed product rationalisation, to make better use of on-site storage.

Whatever the offer mix, the essence of Cherwell’s approach is to work with you in your role as the facilities provider and to help you provide sustainable added value to your client.

Calber FM Testimonial

Daniel Canning, Director, Calber

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Contract cleaners

In the highly competitive world of contract cleaning, establishing a reputation for providing high quality cleaning services at a value for money price is hard won.

Not only that, but this reputation has to be gained against a backdrop of continual pressure on contract margins, as customers seek to reduce their costs in difficult times. As well, more and more customers want you to demonstrate environmentally sustainable cleaning practices, but without increasing costs.

Our focus is to help you generate the maximum value from your contracts and promote client retention through satisfaction with the products they use.  We do this through the provision of reliable, low-cost products, which assist in driving cost reduction and raising cleaner productivity. We also help you to increase the range of consumable sales into your clients.

At an operation level, we recognise the need to structure our delivery in such a way to help you reduce your operating costs, for example, by direct to site delivery or flexible drop sizes and frequency where there is little or no on-site storage.