Green And Sustainable Products

The key balance to achieve in sustainable cleaning and hygiene is that the selected ‘green’ products provide an acceptable performance, such that greater quantities of the product do not have to be used, thus offsetting the environmental benefits for which they have been initially selected.

In order to promote sustainability in cleaning and hygiene operations, we would normally recommend products where:

  • the packaging is minimised;
  • cleaning chemicals are supplied in concentrate forms;
  • the amount of water required for a cleaning or hygiene product to work is minimised;
  • any waste or residual matter from a cleaning or hygiene process is minimised and can be safely disposed.

Sometimes, these principles can be difficult to follow in a market full of ‘green products’, particularly in respect of cleaning chemicals. That is why we have developed our own green chemical product range that has been developed explicitly with sustainability principles in mind, but still deliver exceptional cleaning performance and efficiency.

Our green products fall into two broad ranges:

  • Clean and Clever Sustainable Environmental
  • Green Clean and Clever.

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Green And Sustainable Products

Sustainable Environment Products

The sustainable environmental range

Green Clean and Clever Products

Green Clean and Clever