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We want you to get the greatest value possible from our supply of cleaning and hygiene products. Accordingly, we have developed a range of services which provide you with simple, clear and uncomplicated practical advice on how to get the best from the products you use.

Cleaning & hygiene site audit

Whether you need advice as to how best to approach difficult to clean areas, to improve the quality of your cleaning and hygiene, to reduce the cost of your supplies, or even reduce the amount of time taken to clean, our rigorous cleaning and hygiene audit offers a systematic approach, both to identifying specific issues relating to your own working environment and in identifying appropriate solutions.

We will visit your site as appropriate, and undertake a short diagnostic survey (often a discussion with relevant personnel), in order to establish any specific concerns on which we should focus. Our audit* thus entails a complete site review as agreed with you, preparation of a short report and a list of practicable recommendations (such as product changes, specific staff training, and so on), which you can easily and quickly implement.

*the cleaning and hygiene site audit is provided free of charge for customers of Cherwell.

Healthy workplace review

According to the Health & Safety Executive, some 27 million working days are lost annually due to work-related illness and workplace injury, costing employers an estimated £13.4 billion each year.

We have developed a simple review programme to help you identify potential hotspots for the spread of workplace infection, typically colds and flu, and how you can also assess the risk of workplace injuries from slips, skin complaints and muscle injury.

We visit your site as appropriate and following discussion with you concerning key risk areas, we will undertake a structured review of your organisation. The focus of our review will be to generate practicable and low-cost recommendations (such as product changes, specific staff training, and so on) which you can easily and quickly implement.

By developing solutions to reduce the spread of infection and minimise workplace risks, we contribute to keeping your workplace healthy through workplace well-being programmes and maintaining workplace productivity.

Service support for auto-dosing systems

We offer a full service and repairs service for customers who operate dishwashing and warewashing machines, with externally fitted pump systems, for the automated dosing of dishwashing and laundry concentrates.

In order to prevent costly and disruptive breakdowns, we recommend putting in place a preventative maintenance cycle, involving scheduled equipment checks. Our experience suggests that regular checks of dosing levels, connecting pumps and other minor fittings can keep a machine running for longer, ensure optimal washing results and cost-effective consumption of dishwashing and laundry concentrates.

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