Catering And Hospitality

At Cherwell, we don’t only supply a broad set of cleaning, catering and hygiene products, but also bring value to our customer’s organisation, based on a deep understanding of the requirements of their sector.

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It hardly needs to be said that the quality of your food and the atmosphere found in your restaurant will be among the key factors in your success in attracting customers.

Nevertheless, all the surrounding details, such as the presentation of your dining tables, the attention to detail in your washrooms, and the maintenance of a high level of kitchen hygiene will also contribute.

In a period when there is pressure on personal incomes, such that the frequency of eating out has reduced and there is increased competition for a smaller customer base, cost control and offering good value for money will also be vital to the commercial success of your restaurant.

We can’t cook the food for you or even help you with your menu choices, but we can provide you with great support for both your front of house and kitchen operations, in the form of good quality, reliable equipment and consumable products, advice and support on how to get the best from your purchases. We can also help with customer and delivery service, which recognises the pattern of busy and quiet periods in your restaurant.

Jimmy Spices Testimonial

Ranjit Singh Choongh, Head of Operations, Jimmy Spices Group

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Black Country Testimonial

Graham Manwaring, Area Manager, Black Country Ales

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Bars and clubs

You will know that in running a busy bar or club, you have to focus most of your attention on your customers and staff. Managing cleaning, hygiene and catering supplies is a necessary but potentially time consuming activity, time that you can ill afford to spare.

Nevertheless, it is important to get this purchasing right – at the right cost, the right quality, and at the right time. Storage space is also likely to be at a premium, so getting your supplies at the right frequency will be a further concern.

Of course, if you offer food within your bar or club, you have the added headache of kitchen supplies and kitchen hygiene to worry about.

For the busy (and the less busy) bar or club, we have taken care to ensure that our offer fits exactly with your requirements in all respects, cost and service, so that we can at least take away any need for you to worry about the cleaning, hygiene and catering supplies… and let you get on with serving your customers!


Hotels and venues

A quick read of Tripadvisor shows both how complimentary but also how critical hotel guests can be, particularly in relation to the standards of cleanliness and hygiene found in rooms and common guest areas.

A good review may get you one or two new guests; a bad review will certainly lose you much more! Maintaining high standards, however, can be costly, not only sourcing in the cleaning and hygiene supplies themselves, but also in the housekeeping labour you employ.

It is also likely that you will run a bar and restaurant. As well as good food, your guests will expect the same high standards of cleanliness and hygiene in these areas as they find in their bedrooms. They will also expect first class presentation in the dining room, as well as an assumed high level of kitchen hygiene.

For all these reasons, it is vital, therefore, to select cleaning and hygiene products which get the job done quickly, ensure a good result, and are obtained at low cost.

Recognising these challenges, we have developed a product range that can keep your consumable costs to a minimum, whilst delivering the very highest hygiene and presentation standards in every corner of your hotel. Not only that, we can provide a wide range of backup services, such as monitoring of your purchases, that ensure you will always stay within budget.

Ashorne Hill Testimonial

Carina Lightbody, Operations Manager, Ashorne Hill

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