Capable Logistics

Our objective on core lines is to deliver in full and first time, next day from order receipt. We have invested significantly in our logistics capability over many years, in order to achieve this objective.

Using our own delivery fleet, we make daily deliveries throughout the Midlands regions from two depots, holding over 8,000 stock lines. All our logistics team members have extensive experience and understand the importance of delivering to your premises at the right time and exactly where you need the goods to be placed.

Here you can view all of our staff, many of them have 25 or more years of experience in this industry.

Due to our large fleet of delivery vans and our efficient logistics team, we are able to dispatch and deliver your order within one working day to most locations in England.

Furthermore, our delivery team will also provide you waste packaging collection service. For more information regarding our waste packaging collection service, please click here.

Delivering outstanding logistics

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