Environmental Services

Environmental services

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More and more organisations want to conduct their catering, hygiene and cleaning operations in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. This is both in response to pressure from customers who require their suppliers to demonstrate that they operate in a sustainable manner, and a recognition that operating in this way can help to reduce costs.

Green cleaning audit

To help organisations reach their sustainability goals, our Green Cleaning Audit provides a systematic approach to quickly and easily identify ways in which your sustainability can be improved.

We will visit your site, complete our free of charge audit with you, covering both the products you use and the cleaning processes in operation. This will result in the preparation of a short report and a list of practical recommendations, which you can quickly and easily implement, whilst focusing on reducing your overall costs where possible. Recommendations regarding product alternatives, changes in cleaning methods and improved awareness amongst cleaning staff will normally be made.

Waste packaging collection service

As a specific operational contribution to improved sustainability for customers, we have recently launched a waste packaging collection service. We provide a complete ‘cradle to grave’ service in the recycling of waste packaging materials from the products we supply. We collect from your premises all waste packaging generated from our products, primarily cardboard packaging and empty plastic chemical containers, and arrange for them to be recycled in an environmentally efficient and safe manner.

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