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Our supply chain management service has been specifically developed to meet the needs of facilities management and contract cleaning organisations. The central focus of this service is to help organisations in this sector improve their profitability and cashflow by:

  • Increasing contract margins
  • Reducing the costs of contract support.

In addition, the supply chain service helps contractors improve the quality of their customer service and assist with contract retention on renewal.

The key features of the supply chain service include:

  • Implementation of a site level order management module
  • Direct to site delivery
  • Elimination of consumables stockholding
  • Complete or significant reduction delivery, warehousing and order personnel
  • Full site level management reporting

At the heart of our solution lies an easy-to-use but powerful online portal (provided free of charge), which controls and allows you to schedule all of your order processing and supplies deliveries at each delivery point. As well as tight administrative control, you also get strong cost control, as site-specific product lists and budgets can be established, thus ensuring that only contracted products are ordered and purchases are kept within strict spending limit. If required, products can also be clearly distinguished between ‘own use’ and ‘rechargeable’ to your client, thus ensuring that you will never again miss an item off a recharge invoice.

Granular, site level management reporting is also available from the online portal, allowing you to easily identify opportunities for continuing product cost reduction through either product changes or training designed to promote more effective usage. This level of management reporting also allows you to target ways in which tight contract margins can be increased.

Our online portal can be easily and securely integrated with your own back office system, both your purchasing order processing and sales order processing modules, and provide a seamless user experience.

Our supply chain management service, when combined with full direct to site distribution support, offers a winning solution for FM providers and contract cleaners. This will allow you to eliminate significant support costs, such as warehouse staff, delivery drivers and associated logistics costs.

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