At Cherwell, we don’t only supply a broad set of cleaning, catering and hygiene products, but also bring value to our customer’s organisation, based on a deep understanding of the requirements of their sector.

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Higher education

The UK’s higher education sector currently faces a challenging fiscal environment. At a time when there is pressure on central government funding, UK higher education institutions are also facing increased pressure on fee income from the greater international competition for students.

In addition, higher education sector is one of the key public sector institutions leading the way in reducing their environmental footprint, seeking to do so in a way that is consistent with their efficiency drive.

The focus of our offer for higher education institutions recognises these challenges and brings together a bundle of high performing products at the lowest possible costs, encourages continual service innovation in order to improve cleaning productivity, and always has an eye to meeting the highest environmental standards.

University of Warwick's testimonial

Richard Amphlett, Accommodation Services Manager, The University of Warwick

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Edgbaston High School for Girls testimonial

Andrea Toy, House Cleaning Manager, Edgbaston High School For Girls

Solihull School testimonial

Christian McCall, School Marshall, Solihull School

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A clean and hygienic environment is an essential requirement for effective teaching and student learning. Yet, the demands on education sector managers, both in the public and private sectors, in achieving this objective have never been greater.

In the State Education Sector, public spending restrictions have squeezed cleaning budgets, while in the Private Sector falling student numbers have significantly impacted on budgets. Such cost pressures also come at a time when accountability for the quality of cleaning services provided, driven by a more rigorous compliance to cleaning standards, has never been higher.

Our product and service offer for schools is designed to meet these challenges head on. We have assembled a wide range of value products which offer great cost in use and reduce operating costs. Our equipment, whether of dispensers or cleaning equipment, is hard wearing and long lasting. In addition, we can provide you with product usage information to help you improve budgetary control and with training in order to ensure that products are used in the most economic manner.