Waste Packaging Collection

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We provide support for those customers who wish to participate in a complete ‘cradle to grave’ recycling programme for the waste packaging associated with our supply of cleaning, hygiene and catering products. It is likely that this service would contribute to a wider sustainability programme in your organisation and may be a component part of your own ISO 14001 management system.

Below you can find a list of benefits of participating in the waste packaging collection programme:

  • A reduction in your costs associated with the safe and legal disposal of waste packaging
  • Contribution to your organisation’s recycling and environmental objectives
  • In circumstances where space is at a premium, release of scarce storage space at your premises

We will collect any and all waste packaging included within the scope of the service from your premises, and return this to our premises (as part of a delivery back run), where it will be assembled together with waste packaging collected from other customers, ready for onward transmission to an accredited recycling plant.

You will be presented with a transfer note to denote a legal disposal of waste packaging from your premises. Cherwell is a registered waste carrier (number: CBDU263694) under the Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011.

See a copy of our Waste Carrier Certificate  or verify our registration directly with the Environment Agency.

Waste packaging collection process

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A key part of our service is to ensure the complete ‘cradle to grave’ recycling of the waste packaging with the products we supply, and also to ensure that this recycling is undertaken in a safe and legal manner.

Cardboard and associated waste packaging

Following collection, all cardboard, paper-based and cling film waste packaging is returned to our Southam depot, where it is compacted and baled using our on-site baling equipment. This waste is then subsequently collected and transferred to the Smurfit Kapa Paper Mill in Tamworth for recycling by our waste haulier. A full, auditable trail of waste transfer notes covers this process.

Plastic and associated waste packaging

As with cardboard waste, after collection from your premises, all plastic and associated waste packaging is taken back to our Southam depot, where it is collated with other such waste. This, in turn, is then collected by our waste haulier, and taken to the Pure Recycling plant in Ettington. A full, auditable trail of waste transfer notes covers this process.

Terms of service

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Definition of waste packaging

Waste packaging constitutes all paper and plastic recyclable materials used for packaging in the distribution and supply of catering, hygiene and cleaning products.

For this purpose, waste packaging within the scope of the collection service includes:

  • Outer and inner cardboard and paper packaging
  • Outer and inner plastic and polystyrene packaging
  • Shrink wrap
  • Chemical plastic containers
  • Plastic dispensers
  • Laundry powder boxes.

Specific exclusions

Waste materials excluded from the collection service specifically includes all materials covered by dedicated waste EEC directives or UK legislation, including but not limited:

  • batteries;
  • printer cartridges;
  • electrical equipment;
  • used or end of life janitorial equipment;
  • aerosol tins;
  • stainless steel dispensers;
  • all other products which have reached the end of life, including old chemicals.

Scope of Service

We will agree with you the exact type of waste packaging to be collected within the list of potential materials as described in the definition of waste packaging, as above.


Our collection service is ordinarily provided free of charge, subject to feasibility, as part of our service offer to you. We will assess volume and the complexity of the collection, in order to determine whether we are able to offer this service.

Collection times

Prior to commencement of the service, we will agree with you:

  • The frequency of collection (usually a weekly or a longer cycle);
  • The collection time: normally, a two to three-hour window.

Collection points

Prior to commencement of the service, we will agree with you:

  • Designated collection points;
  • Designated contact personnel responsible for the management of the collection on your behalf.

Waste collection formats

The waste collection format refers to the presentation of the collected waste and will depend upon the type of waste packaging to be collected. The key principle here is that the waste packaging is presented in a state that allows for ‘ready to go’ pick-up. For example:

  • Outer cardboard packaging should be broken down, flat packed and assembled into a bundle (either tied or put into a box container);
  • Plastic containers used for chemicals must be completely empty and put together with other empty containers in a sealed clear plastic bag;
  • Shrink wrapping and other plastic waste packaging should be placed in a sealed clear plastic bag.

We will agree with you the formats in which the waste packaging is to be collected, prior to the commencement of the service.

Segregation of waste packaging from different suppliers

Our service relates primarily to the collection of waste packaging from the products we supply.

In circumstances where waste packaging from other suppliers is at minimal levels, and the segregation of this waste packaging is impracticable, we will include the waste packaging within our collection. Where there is significant waste packaging from other suppliers, who do not provide a collection service, we will assess the volume involved and levy a charge to cover any additional costs involved on our part. We will assess these costs prior to the commencement of our service.

Waste transfer notes

We will provide you with a waste transfer note each time we made a collection. This waste transfer note must be retained as evidence of a legal transfer (disposal) of waste packaging.