Keeping all areas of your washroom clean should be a main priority, not only for the health of your organisation, but appearance too.

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We offer our customers an extensive range of high quality sanitisers. For your ease of use, we have divided our range into two categories.


purell colour lessGel

Gel hand sanitisers have been around for decades, people are familiar and comfortable with them, instantly knowing how to use them. They are typically the least expensive option and there are many different types available. We at Cherwell stock an extensive range of hand sanitiser and will be able to assist you choosing the right product for your needs.


purell productFoam

Foam hand sanitiser is a relatively new product to the washroom market. Foam sanitisers offer a less sticky residue compared to gel sanitisers and are easy to apply, where gel may slide of or drip. We stock a range of foam sanitiser and will be able to assist you choosing the right product for your needs.

In addition to a range of sanitisers, we also offer our customers 2 types of dispensers.


Cartridge dispensers offer an easy and hygienic method of refill. With no air contaminations during refill, there is little chance for contamination of the product. They are also quick and produce little to no mess.

Pump bottles

We also supply smaller capacity pump bottles, these are suitable for smaller traffic areas or where attaching and installing dispenser might be unsuitable.

Sanitiser suppliers

We supply sanitisers from all major manufacturers. This includes: Deb, Gojo, Kimberley-Clark and SCA. The choice of brand and system is down to customers choice, special circumstances and need.

Please contact us for more information and help as to the right product for your workplace.

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