Hand Towels

Keeping all areas of your washroom clean should be a main priority, not only for the health of your organisation, but appearance too.

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We offer our customers an extensive range of high quality hand towels. For your ease of use, we have divided our range into four categories.

C fold hand towlesC-fold hand towels

C-fold hand towels are an economical way to tackle your towel needs. We stock an extensive range of C-fold towels and dispensers. A traditional format C-fold towels are dispensed one towel at a time. For these paper towels, the dispensing systems are at their simplest and are designed for economy.

Z foldZ Fold (also known as Zig-Zag)

As the name suggests, Z-fold towels are folded in the shape of a Z. They are packed in a dispenser in such way that a second towel automatically presents itself in the dispenser once the first towel has been taken. They are generally considered more hygienic than C-folds because it is not necessary for the user to touch the second towel.


Interfold hand towelsInterfold hand towels

Interfold towels are normally associated with continuous hand towel systems. The towels are joined and presented to the user in exact amounts. These paper towels are favoured in environments where a strong measure of control is required over usage and the focus is on cost in use.

roll towelsRoll towels

As the name suggests, roll towels are presented in a roll format. There are a variety of dispensing options. These include the basic tear and dry dispensers, lever controlled dispenser through to full touch free dispensing, either manually or electronically sensor operated. Roll hand towels are often preferred in heavy traffic environments.

Hand towel suppliers

We supply hand towel from all major manufacturers. This includes: Connect, Nationwide, Kimberly-Clark, Metsa and SCA. The choice of brand and system is down to customers choice, special circumstances and need.

Please contact us for more information and help as to the right product for your workplace.

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