All employers have a responsibility to ensure that their staff wear personal protective equipment appropriate to their job.

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We offer our customers an extensive range of high quality gloves. For your ease of use, we have divided our range into two categories.


Disposable glovesDisposable gloves

We offer an extensive range of disposable gloves for everyday use. We can supply these gloves in a range of colours to suit your PPE colour coding scheme to help prevent cross contamination. In vinyl, nitrile and latex, in both powdered and powder free we can supply you with disposable gloves for your every need.

Work glovesWork gloves

Due to the importance of hand protection in health and safety procedure we stock and supply an extensive range of work gloves to suit your needs. We can provide you wit h a variety of specialist gloves such as heat proof and needle resistant.

Gloves suppliers

We supply gloves from all major manufacturers. This includes: Beeswift, Kimberly-Clark, Nationwide, Pal and Polyco. The choice of brand and type is down to customers choice, special circumstances and need.

Please contact us for more information and help as to the right product for your workplace.

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