Kitchen hygiene is one of the main if not the main priority of a business.

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We offer our customers an extensive range of high quality textiles. For your ease of use, we have divided our range into five categories.


Colour coded clothsColour coded cloths

The aim of colour coding is to help prevent cross contamination during the cleaning process. It is a simple but important step, that will make a large contribution to hygiene standards. We stock a range of colour coded woven and non woven cloths and in a number of strengths, from one use to machine washable and we will be able to meet your specific needs.


We supply colour coded and heavy duty scourers suitable for a wide range of cleaning tasks. With special scourers from well known suppliers such as Vileda and 3M that provide strong cleaning power and low scratch rates, suitable products can be found for your surface cleaning needs. We can also assist you in choosing the right product for your needs.

industrial wiper rollWiper rolls

We offer wiper rolls in a number of quality grades, colours and sizes. Centrefeed dispensers offer neater and controlled dispensing, eliminating excessive and wasteful consumption. We can assist your choosing the right products for your needs and individual circumstances.

Wet wipesWet wipes

Impregnated wet wipes offer a quick and effective method of cleaning a wide range of surfaces. With different sizes, thickness and cleaning qualities, wet wipes are easy to use in all kinds of environments. We can assist you find the wet wipe that suits your needs and circumstances.

Tea towelsTea towels

We stock tea towels in a number of designs and colours to suit your needs. We also stock a range of different oven gloves to protect your staff when handling hot items in the kitchen as health and safety in the catering trade is always of the utmost importance. We can also assist you with choosing the right product for your business.

Textiles suppliers

We supply textiles from all major manufacturers. This includes: 3M, Contico, Nationwide, Harrison, Kimberly-Clark,SCA and Vileda. The choice of brand and system is down to customers choice, special circumstances and need.

Please contact us for more information and help as to the right product for your workplace.

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