Catering Equipment

Good quality equipment means better work productivity and better output.

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We offer our customers an extensive range of high quality catering equipment. For your ease of use, we have divided our range into four categories.


Kitchen knives and utensilsKnives and utensils

Cherwell supplies a range of top quality chefs knives for your every need, no matter what cuisine you cater, we can provide knives individually or in sets. We also supply knife accessories such as knife cases, blocks and sharpeners, as well as knife safes. For a truly unique touch, we can provide knife engraving with initials. Moreover, we stock an extensive range of utensils.

Cookware productsCookware

Pots and pans are an essential part of any kitchen and getting the correct cookware can improve food quality and make kitchen life more efficient. We stock an extensive range of pans from non stick and copper to cast iron and enamel. Moreover, we can assist you with your baker ware and kitchen accessories and offer you a tailored package for your needs.

Kitchen equipmentKitchen equipment

In order to improve the kitchen efficiency, food quality and work productivity, a modern day kitchen is in need of modern equipment. Here at Cherwell, we can supply you with all the machinery you need. We supply both standard equipment such as range cookers, refrigeration units and deep fat fryers and specialist items such as ice cream machines and chocolate fountains.

kitchen disposablesDisposables

Disposable products such as baking paper and cling film are vital in a kitchen environment. Here at Cherwell, we can provide high-quality products in easy to use, sturdy dispensers, saving you time and money. We can also help you decide which products fits your business best.