Mopping Systems

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We offer our customers an extensive range of high quality mops. For your ease of use, we have divided our range into three categories.

socket mop twinSocket mops

Socket mops provide a good balance of absorbency and durability for general use. Their colour coded socket fits into a colour coded aluminium mop handle to prevent cross contamination during the cleaning process. These mops are a cost effective solution to your cleaning needs.

 kentucky mopsKentucky mops

Kentucky mop heads are made of looped cotton with a stay flat edge to ensure the head can sweep up dirt and debris form most hard floor surfaces. Available colour coded, the main difference between these and a socket mop are that they have a much longer yarn that is stitched into the middle, using a polyester band to secure them and maintain the mop’s shape.

Fibro Contact MopFlat mops

Flat mops are available colour coded for different areas of your business, we offer a large range of flat mops from microfibre to bucket-less systems. Flat mops tend to manoeuvre better than traditional mops and leave the floor drier. It has also been proven that flat mops can to reduce worker fatigue and other injuries due to being lighter in weight than other systems.

Mopping system suppliers

We supply moping systems from all major manufacturers. This includes: 3M, Contico, Nationwide, Robert Scott, Rubbermaid and Vileda. The choice of brand and system is down to customers choice, special circumstances and need.

Please contact us for more information and help as to the right product for your workplace.

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